Lattafa Pride Tharwah Gold Eau De Parfum For Her - 100ml

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Quantity : 4

Ideal For : Ideal for Women

Top Notes : Lavender, Bergamot

Middle Notes : Orange Blossom, Jasmine

Base Notes : Vanilla, Vetiver, Amber

Product Description :


Experience long-lasting sweetness with Tharwah Gold fragrance. It's reminiscent of waking up full of life, capturing that spirited moment in a bottle. This candied scent is infused with delicate floral notes of jasmine, lavender, and orange blossom. The fragrance opens with a burst of sweetness, followed by a gentle floral aroma, and finally, a warm and inviting sweetness in the dry down.

Tharwah Gold's top notes feature the freshness of lavender and bergamot, while the middle notes highlight the sweetness of orange blossom and jasmine. The base notes bring out the richness of vanilla, vetiver, and amber, creating a harmonious blend that lingers on your skin for hours.