Scent Shot Manhattan for Men

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Quantity : 35 mL

Ideal For : Men

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Starter Kit Contents :

Scent Shot Box
Scent Shot carry case
7 international perfumes
1 voucher worth 501
3 vouchers worth 100 each

Made for the city man who loves to party harder after working hard all day long. Bring out your true classy elegant personality with this handpicked collection of 7 international scents to match your unmatchable personality.


Made for the man in the city who loves to enjoy life without compromising with his dreams, Scent Shot Manhattan is everything one can ask for in a perfume. Affordable way to indulge in 7 luxury scents available at the price of one, this is a must have for you.

ll the seven international perfumes come in handcrafted glass vial containing about 5 ml perfume. It has a spray nozzle on top making it easy for you to use the vial as a mini perfume.

The pack contains a sleek designer case with 7 perfume vials and a carry case. You can choose whichever perfume you feel like wearing, slip it into the carry case and keep it with you. The carry case is designed to suit your busy lifestyle, making it easier for you to carry perfume on the go. You can keep it in your pocket, bag, car, and desk wherever you feel like.

All the perfume in Scent Shot comes from top perfume brands known around the globe. Being high in quality and perfume essence, they give you an assured 6-8 hours of fragrance. Just spray about 2 spritz and you are good to go for hours. Grab Scent Shot Manhattan or other 5 variants available with Perfumebooth.