Scent Shot Malibu for Women

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Quantity : 35 mL

Ideal For : Girls and Women

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Starter Kit Contents :

Scent Shot Box
Scent Shot carry case
7 international perfumes
1 voucher worth 501
3 vouchers worth 100 each
For the party girl who loves to sway around with music, this fragrance compilation is a must have. Inspired from the party life of Malibu beaches, this handpicked perfume collection will uplift your mood instantly.


For the party lady who loves to groove every night, Scent Shot Malibu is a must have. With its refreshing scent, it will turn your party mode on in just a couple of spritz. With handpicked collection of international fragrances from top brands, Scent Shot Malibu contains every scent you need for standing apart from the crowd in every gathering.

It is a mesmerizing collection containing intense fragrances, subtle floral scents and oriental fragrances for every party mood.

Each Scent Shot pack contains 7 handmade glass vials, carry case, instruction guide packed in a s gorgeous plastic case designed to match your style and busy lifestyle. You can simply slip it into your handbag or gym bag to carry around 7 international fragrances with an easy. The carry case available in the pack is designed to fit into palm of your hand. Every glass vial is sealed with silicon adhesive preventing any spills or leakage while you carry around the perfume in your pocket or purse.

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