Scents Shot Malibu Refill Pack

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Quantity : 35 mL

Ideal For : Girls and Women

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7 international perfumes
Fill your Scent Shot box again
A new perfume everyday 
Budget friendly refill pack
Perfect fragrance the party girl who loves to live life to the fullest. Upgrade your empty Scent Shot box with this budget friendly refill pack. Grab it now or try another Scent shot variant for women.


Keep your Scent Shot game on for long with this affordable Scent Shot Malibu refill pack. It contains all the variants you got in your Scent Shot box so you can keep using them for long. You will not have to buy the entire box again, just the refill pack.

It has everything you need for your party mood ranging from intense fragrances, subtle floral scents and oriental fragrances.

Every glass vial is sealed with silicon adhesive preventing any spills or leakage while you carry around the perfume in your pocket or purse. Just slip your perfume vial in the carry case and you are good to go. You can buy Scent Shot Malibu refill pack or any other refill pack at a budget friendly price only on Perfumebooth.