ROYAL MIRAGE EDC II Unisex Perfume - 120 ml

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Quantity : 120 mL

Ideal For : Ideal for Men or Women

Top Notes : Aldehydic, Orange

Middle Notes : Jasmine, Rose, Honey

Base Notes : Amber, Musk, Leather, Sandalwood

Product Description :


"Experience the sophistication of II, a captivating fragrance that shines bright. It starts with lively notes of orange and a fresh burst of aldehydes, giving a vibrant and lively feel from the start.

As you journey through this fragrance, you'll discover a beautiful blend of jasmine, rose, and sweet honey. These lovely scents mix together gracefully, creating a charming allure that's hard to resist.

The fragrance reaches its peak with a rich and luxurious base. Imagine the cozy warmth of amber, the gentle touch of musk, the rugged character of leather, and the smoothness of sandalwood, all coming together in a captivating blend."