Louis Cardin Credible Musk Perfume For Men, Long Lasting 100ml

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Quantity : 100 mL

Ideal For : women

Top Notes : citrus accords, rose, and green notes

Middle Notes : Jasmine. honey

Base Notes : sandalwood

Product Description :

Long Lasting Perfume for women.


Louis Cardin Credible Musk is a captivating eau de parfum that transcends gender boundaries. It offers a unique and sophisticated blend of notes, perfect for those seeking a fresh and confident fragrance. Top Notes: A burst of invigorating freshness with citrus accords, rose, and green notes. This creates a bright and uplifting opening. Middle Notes: A touch of floral sweetness emerges with jasmine and a hint of honey. These notes add depth and intrigue to the fragrance. Base Notes: The foundation rests on a musky base, providing a long-lasting and sensual allure. Sandalwood adds warmth and depth, while other descriptions mention white musk for a clean and sophisticated finish.