Lomani White Paris Eau De Parfum for Women 100ml

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Quantity : 100 mL

Ideal For : Women and Girls

Top Notes : Mandarin Orange, Green Apple, Raspberry

Middle Notes : Rose, Orange blossom, Violet

Base Notes : Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk

Product Description :

No matter what your taste is, this one is a classic. It is suitable for all occasions and is the perfect gift, no matter what the occasion. 


Lomani White Paris Perfume is a bottled sophistication. No matter if you are a perfume freak or you love sweet smell, Lomani White Paris Perfume is the best bait for you. You may use it for all occasions, in all seasons and it is a wonderful perfume you can gift to someone you really care for. Presented in an eye-candy 100ml glass bottle, the translucent tantalizing liquid will keep you in trance and pull your attention towards its fascinating smell.

This beautiful perfume offers a classic smell of exotic ecstasy, which makes every moment a vibrant celebration no matter you are in a party or you are simple enjoying your own company. The top note of this perfume is made of Mandarin Orange, Green Apple and Raspberry, which adds a woody smell but the base note vanilla and muck will superfine thee aroma with a typical sensuousness that will keep you benumbed for long. The delicate smell of rose, orange flower and violet flower- smell has added a pure surge of joy in its touch that makes it a celestial fragrance. It is long lasting and energetic in its immediate effect.

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Beverly Hills Sales Pvt Ltd. 70B/35A, 3rd Floor, Rama Road Industrial Area, New Delhi - 110015

Country of Origin : France

Expiration Date: Expires in 36 Months From Date of Manufacture