Colour Me White Body Spray for Men 150ml + 150ml(Pack of Two)

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Quantity : 300 mL

Ideal For : Men

Top Notes : Basil, Green Tea

Middle Notes : Mandarin, Strawberry Blossom

Base Notes : Leather, Woody, Musk

Product Description :

Refreshing herby fragrance for men that brings you close to nature!

Fresh Scent to Uplift Your Mood
Power of Perfume Packed in Deo Spray Can
Perfect for Day-in And Day-out
Long Lasting Fragrance for All Day Freshness
Does not Stain Clothes
Safe on Skin, does not sting
International Quality at Budget Prices


Colour Me White body spray for men has a very herby refreshing fragrance just like the one of a freshly snapped herb or fern. If you like a body spray which is not overpowering yet quite fragrant, Colour Me White body spray for men is the right pick for you. It comes in a spray can of 150ml

Coming from the house of Milton Lloyd Fragrance, you can trust it for its high quality and performance. This is a very highly perfumed body spray which keeps you fragrant all day long with just a few sprays. Apply it from a distance for optimal coverage around your neck and underarms.

Top notes of herby green tea and basil, middle notes of aromatic strawberry blossom and mandarin, and base notes of warm woody leathery amber musk gives it a very strong masculine fragrance. Colour Me White body spray for men is quite aromatic making you stand apart from the crowd.

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