Colour Me Diamond Body Spray for Women 150ml + 150ml(Pack of Two)

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Quantity : 300 mL

Ideal For : Girls and Women

Top Notes : Green Kiwi, Strawberry.

Middle Notes : Floral, Fruity Plum

Base Notes : Vanilla, Amber Musk.

Product Description :

A feminine fragrance with delicate fruity notes packed in a 150 ml body spray bottle.

Fresh Scent to Uplift Your Mood
Power of Perfume Packed in Deo Spray Can
Perfect for Day-in And Day-out
Long Lasting Fragrance for All Day Freshness
Does not Stain Clothes
Safe on Skin, does not sting
International Quality at Budget Prices


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and Colour Me Diamonds body spray for women is indeed that friend who will stand by you all day long. For girls and women who love to stay fresh throughout the day, Colour Me Diamonds body spray is a perfect pick for them. Unlike most of the deodorants, this has a very feminine fruity scent which will make you the centre of attention no matter where you go.

Especially for working ladies who need to smell great all the time and do not get opportunities to freshen up due to busy schedule, Colour Me Diamonds can be your saviour. This gorgeous looking 150 ml body spray bottle fits into your purse so that you can spray it on whenever you feel like to refresh your scent.

Fruity top notes of exotic fruits like green kiwi and juicy strawberry fades to middle notes of lotus, black orchid and champagne. At the end, this body sprays dries leaving a strong yet distinct vanilla and amber musk.

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