Creation Pour Femme Eau De Parfum 100ml

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Quantity : 100 mL

Ideal For : Girls and Women

Top Notes : Orrisroot, Musk, Woods

Middle Notes : Jasmine, White Chocolate

Base Notes : Litchi, Golden Quince, Kiwi

Product Description :

This gourmand fruity-floral fragrance is a cross between softness, magic and sensuality—a modern love elixir locked in a glamorous pink hued bottle.


Packaged in a very elegant basic case, the Creation Pour Femme Perfume is a blend of sensuousness and softness. It brings together loved scents from different genres and combines them to form a brilliant perfume. The top notes of musk and woods make it mysterious and bold while the middle notes of jasmine and white chocolate lend the sweetness and softness. Finally, a fruity base note of litchi and kiwi complete the fragrance.

The perfume is often described as one symbolizing love, due to the sweet yet passionate scent and the pink tinted lovely bottle that it comes in. Follow this website to get many perfume vouchers. This one is priced at INR 1400 for 100 ml and it can easily go on to become your statement signature perfume, owing to its magical composition. It can be used for all occasions and will only go on to accentuate your outfit. It is also long lasting and great for long day usages.

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Beverly Hills Sales Pvt Ltd. 70B/35A, 3rd Floor, Rama Road Industrial Area, New Delhi - 110015

Country of Origin : France

Expires in 36 Months From Date of Manufacture

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