Chris Adams CA Classic Man Eau De Parfum 100ml

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Quantity : 100 mL

Ideal For : Men

Top Notes : Sparkling Citrus Fruits, Mesmerizing Spices: Juniper Berry, Cloves

Middle Notes : Aquatic Flowers, Steams Marine, Aromatic Breath: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Clary Sage, Star Anise

Base Notes : Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Leaves of Patchouli and Cedar, Tonka Beans, Sensual White Musk

Product Description :

Inspired by the classic camel-skin pouch, this men’s fragrance is held in a rustic pouch that brings together the fragrances of fruit and spices, with the complexity of floral notes and mint.


Chris Adam presents CA Classic Man Perfume in its signature note that evokes the call for that manhood which is passionate, chivalrous, and attractive in its own way. It has a slight rugged smell inspired and stimulated with freshening citrus smell, spicy aroma and clary sage, lavender, a woody fragrance of cedar wood, sandalwood and many more to appeal your finer self. Presented in a costly camel skin made pouch, it is a beautiful perfume bottle worth collection in your closet.

Famous designer Chris Adam of Paris manufactures CA Classic Man Perfume. Chris Adam perfumes are well known for their exquisite class and designer quality, which are evidently present in the CA Classic Man Perfume. The perfume is available in 100ml bottle and thee smell lasts long. Suitable for all seasons, this signature Chris Adam perfume is worth collection for every style and status conscious man.

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Country of Origin : France

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