Unboxed Perfumes


If you want to buy branded perfume at unusual low price, you may opt for unboxed perfumes. Perfumebooth offers unboxed category perfumes depending on its availability. None of these perfumes are quality compromised, but they get delivered with some anomaly on product labeling, or in other physical features like wrong top color, or some other issues, etc. So if you want to buy unboxed perfume, check the related page and get the latest updates on the availability of unboxed products.

Unboxed fragranced products are not exactly the products without having its packaging box to be true in its term. These are some products which are unboxed and are found with some manufacturing physical defects. These perfumes are available in men’s category, women’s category, as well as alcohol free products and Unisex perfumes variety. Perfumebooth does not sell unboxed quality perfume in its general category and keeps all these products separately. However, each of the products in this category is declared with their shortcomings so that buyers stay well aware about the product.

Let’s see the advantages of buying unboxed perfumes from Perfumebooth:

  • International branded products at throwaway price,
  • No compromise on fragrance quality so you get 100% ROI
  • Products are shipped free of cost
  • The anomaly is stated upfront so there is no question of disappointment.
  • Wide ranges of products are available although availability of unboxed perfume cannot be ascertained.
  • These unboxed perfumes are stored without box and that is why minor problems with the perfume can be expected.

What to check if you are going for unboxed perfumes to purchase
You are buying online so you need to be sure about a few points while buying an unboxed variant. Check these points before you place your order:

  • If the product is within its expiry date
  • If the product is safe for use on skin
  • If it is shipped free
  • If the price is justified: if it is too low ask for the reason
  • If the brand originality of the product is certified.

If all these queries are well answered, you can buy the unboxed product without any hesitation.
Unboxed perfumes are available on clearance sale. Therefore these products are not found available at regular basis. You may keep on checking the unboxed product category or you may subscribe to our newsletter for the prior notification of upcoming clearance sale on unboxed variety products. The newsfeed will keep you updated for your budget shopping on perfume.

Perfumebooth offers wide range of perfumes from international brands which are of unboxed category. All the products are sold on the satire’s quality policy however, some privileges of new products are not found applicable on these products. Speak to the customer care desk to know all the terms and conditions of the Online Perfume Store Perfumebooth before you place your order for buying the unboxed perfumes of your choice.

Unboxed varieties of perfumes from Perfumebooth are guaranteed for their original smell but not about the other details on the bottle. However, no product old from this online store is fake-branded. The best originality and perfume quality is maintained here for unboxed products as well.