Solid Perfume


A fabulous perfume can make you feel good. However, if it is not designed to match your skin needs or according to your skin, it can also turn that pleasant experience into a waste of money. People with dry skin often worry about their fragrance evaporating as soon as it is applied to the skin. It is due to the lack of moisture in their skin, which does not provide any kind of adherence to the perfume molecules. They have to pay a lot of attention to the perfume type, what kind of base it has and how much fragrance essence concentration is present in the perfume while buying to ensure that it stays for at least 6 hours on their skin.

If you are someone with dry dehydrated skin and find it hard in finding an ideal perfume, it is time to give solid perfumes a try. Solid perfumes have emerged as a trusted scented option for people with dry skin and normal skin with dehydration. Unlike the traditional perfumes that are available in an alcohol base or oil base, these perfumes have a solid base. Perfume essence is mixed with waxes and oils that become solid in normal room temperature. The basic concept of solid perfumes is that it creates its own adhesive layer with wax and solid oils revealing perfume molecules as the body heat slowly melts the oil being absorbed by the skin.

In case, you have dry skin or dehydrated skin, these solid perfumes are ideal for you. Since they are natural, you can apply them anywhere on your body. It is very easy to use them as well. Just open the bottle, rub it on the clean skin and let it be absorbed slowly into the skin. To get most out of it, you should always make sure to clean the skin removing all kinds of dirt, oil or sebum present on the skin. Also, try not to rub the perfume after applying it on the skin otherwise, it will damage the perfume molecules.

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