Small Perfume Bottles


When you step out for a holiday or for a long day in the field of work, wondering about staying fresh and smelling fresh is a concern for many of us. Especially the ones who sweat a lot throughout the day often worry about staying fresh when they are out and about impressing people with their work. Dousing yourself with deodorant at this point of time is not the solution as it will make things worse. Deodorants have very low fragrance concentration which will just merge with the already present body stink instead of getting rid of it.

In case you are suffering from sweaty smell and want to get rid of it permanently, a good highly aromatic perfume will be a better choice as compared to the deodorants. Eyeing this need of the new generation and understanding their busy lifestyle, Perfume Booth launched a range of small perfume bottles filled with mind-blowing international perfumes from top brands. All these perfumes are small enough for you to carry around in your purse, pocket or keep wherever you deem fit.

Known as Scent Shot, every pack of mini perfume contain 7 international fragrances from popular brand such as Lomani, Baug Sons, Creation, Chris Adams, Louis Cardin, MPF and Mural de Ruitz. There are 6 variants available with the brand having 3 variants for men and 3 for women. All these variants are divided according to various personalities hence it is easy for you to select the one that suits you best. With 7 perfumes, you have the opportunity to try out according to the time of the day and mood from an array of gentle fragrance to the strong ones.

This perfume box comes with a carry case making it a perfect classy fragrance option for you. This carry case is available in various colours, according to the various variants that are available. It is designed to be discreet so that you can carry your perfume without others knowing about it. The perfume vials are specially designed so it fits into the carry case with ease. You can carry this mini perfume easily in your pocket, purse, handbag, clutch bag or wherever you feel comfortable keeping it.

Come to Perfume Booth, and explore all the variants to know which one suits your style best. There are free gift vouchers also available with every Scent Shot pack which you can redeem on full-size perfume packs and refill packs. What are you waiting for? Get your next perfume on Perfume Booth.