Sandalwood Perfume


Some perfumes are more popular than others. They have a classic feel about them which is loved by the fragrance users around the world. With a wide range of fragrances available online and offline, it is normal for someone to feel confused about while buying perfumes. If you are feeling so, maybe it is good to stick to the ones that are loved through the centuries since the time perfumes were first created. One such perfume is sandalwood perfume, a very popular variant in the oriental fragrance category.

Also known as sandal perfume, this fragrance type is cool, relaxing, aromatic and highly sensual. In Indian and middle eastern culture, sandalwood has a very special place. It is used to create fragrance essence oil, which can be used as a perfume in itself or mixed with other essential oils as a base for the fragrance.

Used in aromatherapy:

The best feature of the sandalwood perfume is that it is very cooling in nature, therefore, it is used in aromatherapy as well. The gentle yet striking fragrance of this wood is so relaxing that even one drop can reduce your stress levels. You can take a drop of the perfume oil and mix it in a carrier oil such as olive oil or coconut oil. Massaging your head and body with this oil mix will help your body in releasing toxins and lowering your stress levels.

Fragrance for sensual moments:

When you want to look amazing for a date night, sandalwood perfume can be a great pick. It is sensuous, aromatic and very striking without going overboard. Just two spritzes of the perfume is enough to make you desirable for your date. You can either choose the sandalwood perfume or go for the ones that have sandalwood in the base layer of the perfume. With its strong aroma, it will give you a long lasting fragrance. You can try out the oriental perfumes with sandal in it for true fragrance pleasure.

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