Rich & Ruitz Deodorant


Rich and Ruitz is a known brand name in the international perfume community. After a huge success in the perfume range, the brand, also known as R&R launched a perfumed deodorant range for men and women. This range included fragrant deodorant of all kinds, from gentle elegant scents for everyday use to the scintillating and thrilling scents for those party nights. Indulge in these international quality perfumed body spray to smell amazing throughout the day and night.

To get the best results out of these highly perfumed deodorant sprays, you need to use them in the right way suggested by the brand. The best way is to apply the perfumed body spray after cleaning your body properly, or after a bath. This helps your skin pores to absorb the perfume essence on body spray in the right manner and hold it in enhancing the fragrance as well as the life of the fragrance.

Apart from this, spray from a distance for covering your body optimally. Every Rich & Ruitz deodorant bottle has a specially designed spray nozzle, which is meant to spray the perfume in outward motion instead of a straight spray. You can use lesser deodorant for higher fragrance by spraying it from a distance and covering most part of your body. Then there is the tried and tested spray on your pulse point trick, which heightens the fragrance.
Rich & Ruitz Deodorant sprays are available for men and women having fragrances inspired by their perfume counterparts. You can also use them for layering as well to make the perfume last even longer as before. For this, buy the perfume of similar variant or fragrance from the brand and layer it with deodorant from the brand.

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