Rainy Day Perfume


Freshen up your monsoon with rainy day perfume:

Monsoon season is the worst for the body odour. Sweating all the time, increased growth of bacteria, and body smell, all this is at an all-time high during rainy season. Spraying deodorant can provide relief from the smell to a significant level but for long term it will not be able to stay on your body. Deodorants tend to evaporate at a faster pace as compared to the perfumes especially the ones designed just for the monsoon season.
Since the season has a special requirement of the fragrance, give your fragrance a boost with rainy day perfume. These perfumes are created by keeping the monsoon season in mind and what kind of notes will go best in this time.

Go for fresh accords:

If you are looking for rainy day fragrances or perfumes for monsoon season, fresh notes can be your pick. These perfumes are aromatic yet refreshing, something you need to eradicate the sweat smell. Citrus accords with their tangy zesty flavours, water-based floral accords with its mesmerising aroma, aquatic accords for that marine touch, herby accords with their green soothing aroma and minty accords for that instant freshness, fresh perfume family has it all for you.

Lemon, lime, bergamot, neroli, water lily, jasmine, fresh-cut grass, basil, peppermint, pepper, mint, liquorice, eucalyptus, cardamom, aloe vera, leaves of trees and plants, moss, seawater, beach, seaweed and such other notes are favourable for the season.

Look for higher perfume concentration:

With high humidity and heat of the season, the perfume is unable to stay on your skin. To avoid this situation you should always go for the perfume that has higher perfume concentration. Eau de parfum or parfum with perfume essence concentration of more than 15% will be able to give you more prominent fragrance. Even eau de toilette is also considerable with 5-10% of perfume concentration. Using anything less than this will make it difficult for you to make your perfume lasting for long.

Oil-based perfumes work best:

Instead of alcohol-based perfumes, try to switch to the oil-based scents in the monsoon season. These perfumes have slower evaporation rate allowing the fragrance to stay on you for longer period. On the other hand, the alcohol-based perfumes tend to evaporate as soon as your skin starts getting hot which is pretty normal in the monsoon season. Moreover, oil-based perfumes stick to your skin staying there for long no matter how much you sweat or get wet in the rain which is not the case with alcohol-based ones.

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