Pure Perfume


If there is anything worse than body smell, it is the poor lasting of a perfume. After spending a good sum of money on a branded luxury perfumes, when it does not last for a very long time it can be a bit disheartening. This can be due to less perfume essence present in the perfume as well as not being suitable to your skin type. Every perfume behaves in a different way on different skin. On one, it stays on for hours and on others, it will evaporate in no time.

Instead of spending money on poor quality perfumes, it is time to invest in something out of this world just like a pure perfume made with high-quality fragrance essence. These perfumes are designed to match perfume needs of different kinds of skin. Among all the skins, it is the dry skin, which often faces problem in finding the right kind of fragrance.

A perfume needs moisture to stick the skin and stay there. But since the skin is dry, there is nothing available to the perfume molecules to stick to something. If you have dry skin, you should invest in a perfume created especially for dry skin such as an oil-based perfume. These perfumes are made using fine quality natural oils extracted from woods, nuts, seeds and flowers. The perfume essence in these is so high quality and lasting that it can make you fragrant for as long as 12 hours.

The oil base of the perfume will help in providing the essential moisture to the skin helping the molecules to stick the pores for a long time. Apart from this, the evaporation rate of these perfumes is also slow and consistent. It will evaporate slowly but consistently without fail to make you fragrant for hours. On the other hand the alcohol base perfumes evaporate at a faster rate at first and dry down to a faint sillage at the end.

Apart from this, dehydrated skin can also make the perfume evaporate at a faster rate. So make sure to drink a lot of liquids, apply ample moisturiser to your skin and use the right kind of perfume to enjoy a long-lasting freshness. Buy high quality fragrant pure perfumes from popular international brands at a budget-friendly price online in India at Perfume Booth. These perfumes will make you smell like a million buck no matter where you are and what occasion is.