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How to carry perfume on holiday?

Holidaying is not an excuse to smell bad. You will be meeting so many new friends over here and make many memories on this trip and smelling bad can affect all this. Instead of letting bad body smell come in your way, you can get rid of it by keeping your favourite fragrance in the bag while packing all the essentials. Carrying a perfume on the holiday trip can save you from a lot of embarrassing situations that often arise on the trip. If you have full-size perfumes and you are wondering how to carry them with you, here are some tips for you to carry perfume on holiday:

  • Invest in miniatures: Several good brands known all around the world provide miniature versions of their perfumes. These are available in 10-15ml versions and are priced at a very low cost. You can keep them in the bag with ease since they are at acceptable volume limit set by most of the flights. You can get these from brands like Chris Adams online in India.
  • Carry small spray bottles: There small sprayable bottles available in the market which you can buy and fill them up with your favourite perfume by spraying into it. Just add a small quantity by keeping the bottle close to the spray nozzle so that you do not waste away the perfume. Carry this with you on the holiday. It is helpful in times when you have 100ml perfume bottles with you which are difficult to carry on holiday trips.
  • Tester vials are good too: Apart from all this, you can also try out the tester vials of popular perfumes available in India. Perfume Booth is making available Scent Shot a tester shot trial pack that contains 7 international perfumes with a carry case. With 5ml perfume available in every vial, the perfume pack can last for more than a month so you never smell no matter how long your holiday lasts.

Scent shot also contains carry case in which you can put the tester shot to carry around your perfume wherever you go. Carrying a perfume on holiday is easy given that you are smart enough to choose the right brand and the right kind of fragrance. With Scent shot, you have everything you need on a holiday – gentle fragrances for day time use and strong ones for party moods. Get it now for your next wanderlust.