Perfumes Samples Exclusives


Buying a perfume without trying them is like buying clothes without checking the size. Just like clothes, perfumes are not something that fits every sense or nose. Every person has a unique choice when it comes to fragrances. What is loved by one may not suit someone else’s senses? One loves strong while the other prefers gentle fragrances. This is the reason why people try to avoid buying perfumes online as they are unable to try them before making the purchase and returning a perfume that they didn’t like is a bit difficult with almost every seller.

Keeping this in mind, Perfume Booth, India's leading online fragrance store has started providing perfume samples exclusives from top international brands from all around the world. They understand that a person has to test and try perfume before buying it to understand it more, to find out if the fragrance is suitable to him or not. Over here on Perfume Booth, you can place an order for top international perfumes in tester shots in form of Scent Shot.

Every Scent shot box contains about 7 international perfumes and a carry case packed in a stylish looking plastic box. Every vial contains about 5 ml of perfume, which is enough to last for a week. You can slip this glass vial into the carry case and take it with you whenever you step out. This is the most user-friendly tester perfume available only on Perfume Booth in India. You can use the perfume vials whichever way you wish to find out if the perfume is suitable to your senses and will be able to deliver fragrance the way you want it to.

Once you have made up your mind about the best perfume for you, you can use the gift voucher worth Rs. 801 available in the Scent Shot box to get flat discount on the bigger perfume bottle. There are 6 variants available in Scent Shot, 3 for men and 3 for women hence you can choose the one suitable to your personality. Each contains 7 international perfumes allowing the buyer to try the scents at the comfort of their home and buying it at an affordable price.

Apart from this, you can also buy Scent shot or its refill packs as well if buying a full-size bottle is beyond your budget. Over here at Perfume Booth, every perfume lover gets something to match his or her taste. Visit the website now and get your tester perfume.