Perfumes For Women


Who does not like to smell good being the centre of attention in a room full of crowd. When you smell good, it shows in your confidence and style. Your walk becomes upright, stride becomes smooth and it feels like you are on cloud nine. You can get all this just by picking your favourite perfume that not only suits your persona but also your natural body scent. As some of you might not know, every fragrance smells a little different on every person. It is your lifestyle and natural body odour, which affects the real fragrance of the perfume you are wearing. It has to go well with the pheromones released by your body to be the right pick.

Picking the right fragrance:

It is easy to be confused when you have too many fragrances to choose from. First, you need to know about the options available in perfume for women category. All the fragrances are divided in these basic categories: Floral, Fruity, Musky, Citrusy, Oriental, Aromatic and earthy. Most of the women perfumes have these basic notes with one, two or more notes together. You need to pick the one that suits your style and mood the best. You can have many perfumes that suit your mood on different times of the day or just one signature perfume.

What is signature perfume?

You must have heard about signature perfumes a lot, but what is that?
A signature perfume or scent is the one, which is unique just like your style. You can use a unique scent, which no one uses around you, and make it your signature scent. The fragrance will remind everyone about your style and personality even when you are not present around them.

Make your fragrance last longer:

Always invest in a good quality perfume if you want it to last longer. Poor quality cheap local perfumes do not contain high level of perfume essence, which evaporates in about an hour of application. A good perfume comes with a strong silage which stays on you for long hours. Even after that it dries down leaving a faint yet prominent scent behind.

Apply perfume after taking bath on your pulse points. You can also apply Vaseline on your pulse pints before applying the perfume. A well moisturised skin absorbs the perfume perfectly giving the scent for a very long time. It is best not to use two or more fragrant products together if you are applying perfume. You can use similar fragrances together to enhance the scent otherwise it will alter the scent.