Perfumes Collections


One perfume is never enough for a true perfume lover. They want to explore every fragrance all around the world, try every brand and enjoy it. When you have a nag for luxury perfumes, it becomes essential to look for nothing but the best around you. However, one store it is not possible for one to get the best offers or wide range of perfume collection. If you are a true perfume lover, pamper your senses with some of the most amazing international fragrances that will take your olfactory senses on holiday trip with its scents, come to Perfumebooth.

Wide range of perfume collection:

Over here, you can avail fragrant products from one of the largest perfumes collections having 400 plus perfumes, deodorants, body mists, and body sprays. Over here, you can buy all kinds of perfumed products for your grooming session. From subtle body mists with soft fruity fragrance to the strong musky scents, everything is available here for your olfactory pleasure.

Various international perfume brands:

Top international brands like Lomani, Emper, Maryaj, English Blazer, America, Colour Me, Perfumer’s Choice, Otoori, Creation, Baugsons, NPF, New NB, and many others are available over here with their finest range of fragrances. You can enjoy these perfumes at the comfort of your home, by ordering it on this India’s leading online perfume shop. The list of perfume brands keeps on increasing as new ones are added every now and then. The brand started with 40 something perfumed products and now there are 400 plus available here.

All kinds of perfume in budget :

You can buy all kinds of perfumes over here ranging from eau de parfum to deodorants. Every person has a unique style and choice when it comes to perfume, which varies with budget. Serving your needs, the perfumed products are available in a number of types including eau de parfum, eau de toilette, parfum de toilette, attars, bakhoor, deodorants, body sprays and body mists. You can buy them according to your budget.

You can also order perfume testers in form of Perfume Selfie box to try out international perfumes. Each Perfume Selfie box contains 7 international perfumes in tester vials so you can enjoy 7 perfumes at the price of one. Shop for your favourite perfume from this wide range of fragrances and feel amazing throughout the day!