Perfume Testers


Buying online perfume is a tricky task. Branded perfumes are costly too. Therefore you need to know some proven clues for buying perfume safely online for mastering the buying technique: buying perfume testers is a fantastic way to get the hang of a perfume. Perfumebooth has already introduced perfume selfie for offering their customers unique privilege of buying awesome seven testers at an amazingly lower price.

Using perfume testers you can get to know how the perfume smells on your skin because the smelling effect of a perfume largely differs from one person to another.

Each Perfume selfie is the collection of 7 luxury perfumes from international brands. They are placed in a portable, lovely looking case, which is easy to store and safe to carry wherever you go. Presently, there are six packs of perfume selfi, three for men and three for women, in Perfumebooth stock for ordering. The store employs authentic and reliable logistics to deliver ordered perfume selfie at your place.

The store keeps different categories of perfumes. Depending on perfume concentration different kind of fragrances are available, and the longevity of smell largely depends on the concentration of perfume.

  • Perfume: the small lasts up to 4-6 hours and contains 15-30% concentration
  • Eue De Toilette: The smell lasts for 2-3 hours: concentration 2-4%
  • Eue De Cologne: The smell lasts for 1-2 hours: concentration 3-5%
  • Deodorant: the smell lasts up to 1-2 hours
  • Perfume selfie: These are testers, which are made by the manufacturer to promote their fragrances. Packed in an attractive case, these are original perfumes. Each pack contains 7 best quality perfumes.

The benefits of buying perfume selfie:
There are five prime benefits of buying perfume selfie.

  • Cost efficient set of perfume testers, which you can carry anywhere you wish
  • You can test 7 best quality perfumes in one go
  • You can try 7 different qualities of perfume to test on your skin: perfumes generate different fragrances depending on skin types
  • You will get 7 perfumes from different premium brands
  • You can carry the pack easily in your pocket
  • All perfume testers in a selfie pack are of highest concentration: you can test the smelling longevity test before you buy the large bottle.
  • Each perfume selfie costs INR 475 only: you will get cash voucher of INR 500 for buying perfume from Perfumebooth.

The benefits of becoming PRIVY members:

  • It is a privilege offer for perfume freaks from Perfumebooth
  • Members will get extra discounts on perfume when purchased from the online store
  • Members will get cash benefits up to Rs 1051
  • Members will get reward points on each purchase of perfume from Perfumebooth.