Perfume Made in India


Nothing in the world is like something made in your own country. It has a special value, either it is emotional or financial, connected with everything that is produced in one’s country, reminding him or her about the love they receive from their motherland. Joining the initiative of Make in India, several brands and sellers have tried to work out their products in some way or the other doing their little bit towards improving the country’s economy. They may buy parts from different parts of the world, bring them in India and get them assembled over here to reduce the cost of the final products and duties often imposed by foreign countries.

This not only makes the final product affordable but also helps in generating new jobs and creating a whole new industry. Adding a little bit to this new wave of Make in India, Perfume Booth, India's leading online fragrance store has also tried to do something about it. People who love to buy international perfumes often buy them from foreign websites or international sites and pay extra to get them delivered at home or buy from the brand stores that send all the money from the country to another one. Resolving this problem a little bit, Perfume Booth thought about creating Scent Shot, a revolution in the world of fragrances.

They source perfume oils from all around the world from different brands and create fragrances in the country in supervised units. From the tester vial to the packaging, everything is done in the country creating new jobs in the sector. Also, only a partial amount goes to the foreign brand for their perfumes and the rest of it stays in the country bringing a new surge of development. Doing this helps in keeping the cost of the perfumes low as well as creating new opportunities with masses with the help of this who new industry. All the taxes earned from this goes straight to the Indian government, which helps in contributing to the nation’s infrastructure.

You can also be a part of this change by buying everything that is made in India or is assembled in India. While doing all this, Perfume Booth does not compromise with the quality delivering the mind-blowing world-class fragrances to the customers. Also, it comes with gift vouchers worth Rs. 801 which you can use to get additional discount on future fragrances. Visit the site now and enter the world of fabulous fragrance.