Party Perfume


For a party night, you do want something that feels special, elegant and a little bit sexy – a perfume that makes you stand taller, prouder, and more confidence. Something that, makes you stand out and familiar at the same time that everyone wants to interact with you. So the general idea is: make an effort but make that effort only for YOU to feel better.

You don’t want to smell overdramatic, do think beyond the perfumery hall but don’t go massively overboard– your new fragrance has to feel comfortable, after all. For something new, delicious and utterly lovely, make your way to an independent (but approachable) boutique-like Perfume Booth, where our staff can guide you through the fabulous scents out there that you might never have heard of. Some of my heart-list are Scent shots and Luxury perfumes like- Louis Cardin, etc.

Our experts began working on The Perfume Booth that offers amazing fragrances from all over the world at affordable prices with a dream of making perfumes easily accessible and affordable. For about a year, they thoroughly studied and researched the Indian market and Online Perfume Store India devised this plan in a manner that the customers get to try their perfumes before they buy them.

Most of the girls think like they do not need a perfume while getting ready for the party as it will fade away with all the intense dance moves and drinking. It is a common concern, but it can be sorted by using a couple of smart tips. You do not need to smell like a sick person at the party. Such as-

  • Vaseline: Before stepping into the party, apply a generous amount of Vaseline on your skin. Spray the perfume on it let it be dry. The Vaseline will allow the perfume to stick on your skin and stay there. If you do not have Vaseline, use any drug store petroleum jelly.
    · Spray it on Your Hair: If you are worried that perfume will wash away in the intense dance floor, spraying it on your hair and it will help in locking the fragrance.
    · Use Citrusy Scents: Wearing too strong perfumes can affect your light and party mood. Hence, it is essential to wear the summer-friendly scents like citrus, herbs, fresh aquatic notes. These will complement the mood as well as the occasion keeping you fresh and energetic without disturbing others.

You can also carry our scent shots with you to the party as well. Spray it on whenever you feel the need to remove the chlorine smell.

The Signature Perfume For A Party Night:-

Depending on your preference, there are a variety of perfumes you can choose from Perfume Booth. There are fragrances that smell musky, strong, earthy, and floral and baby-like. The combinations are diverse and abundant which are ideal for a party night as they are rich in essential oils that will give lost lasting fragrance results.