Otoori Perfumes


Middle Eastern countries are known for their fine quality fragrances. One of the oldest creators of essential oils and perfume oils, they know every basic of this industry, creating some of the masterpieces. The fragrance created by these can woo anyone anytime, making it a perfect charmer. If you are someone who loves and adores fragrances, you should be aware of the various families available in the world of fragrance. For those who are not familiar with this, perfume is basically divided into two families, however there are various others as well.

The two families are Oriental perfumes and French perfumes. French perfumes are the ones with powdery undertones, floral, fruity and very clear fragrance. However, the oriental ones are little complex. They are created by combining various essential oils taken from fragrant flowers and woods. Even the fragrance of these is quite complex, intense, and long lasting. It is warm, sensual, spicy, and exotic, with notes of musk, sandalwood, jasmine, roses, frankincense and other fragrant woods.

Otoori, a new brand is carrying out the legacy of oriental perfumes. Created by long time perfumers Mustafa Firoz and Esmail Firoz having years of experience in the field, Otoori strives for perfection with its oriental perfume and attar collection. Entire perfume collection at Otoori is inspired from the streets and souks of Middle East countries, depicting their age-old culture. The brand offers fragrances for men and women both, keeping their traditions alive with the art of perfume making.

Perfumers over here at Otoori work hard in researching and finding about various ingredients and their essences. They mix and match different quantities for bringing out just the right fragrance which can please your senses, mood and time of the day. Only handpicked and carefully made fragrances reach the final process of packaging.
Over here at Otoori, the Fragrance Bottle is nothing less than a work of art. It reflects the royals of Middle Eastern countries with delicate carvings and sparkly colours. On seeing an Otoori perfume bottle and smell it, one cannot keep themselves from enjoying it a little more, every time. You will feel like an emperor or empress after using these. Otoori fragrances also make a great gift for celebrating your special occasions.

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