Otoori Deodorant


When good things come together, everything becomes pleasant. Otoori is one such brand, which has a similar story behind it. When two of the top perfumers planned to share their ideas for became the leaders of the perfume industry. Established in the year 2010 with the collaboration of two leading perfumers, Mustafa Firoz and Esmail Firoz, Otoori has been providing some of the finest fragrances since then. The brand believes in providing finest range of fragrances to the perfume lovers using nothing but best ingredients.

Perfumers, working here at Otoori try to understand the perfume needs of the modern man and woman, what they like, what are their lifestyle choices and expectation from perfumes and so on. The team of perfumers work together to create fabulous scents depending on the analysis of the man and woman of today. The main idea behind the creation of Otoori perfumes are the oriental fragrances. After making a huge name in the field of oriental perfumes, the brand is now venturing into the field of deodorants providing fabulous fragrant body sprays for the active men and women of today.

Taking inspiration from the Middle Eastern souks and the streets of old city, the brand creates a story with its scents. You will be instantly transferred to another world in just a single whiff. All the deodorants available with the brand carry fragrances of their perfume range giving you the similar experience. If you find buying perfumes out of your budget, Otoori deodorants are just right for you. Several people are out there, who do not prefer to use perfumes due to its overpowering fragrance. For these people as well, deodorants are just right.

Deodorants from this brand are loaded with finest essential oils and scents obtained from fragrant woods and elements, giving it an old world charm. The deodorant is packed in a stunning sparkly spray can with a high-quality spray nozzle. It gives you optimal coverage in one spray, ensuring that your skin is properly covered in fragrant molecules. Each spray can contain 200ml of the product, which is quite enough to last for a couple of months. You can make it yours at a budget price over here at India's leading online fragrance store. You can buy Otoori fragrances and deodorants with an assurance of 100% authenticity along with other top international brands known across the world at an affordable price.