Online Perfume Testers


Are you finding it very difficult to shop perfume? Trying out so many options, sniffing them, waiting to make the right choice, confused about the right one and the after effects, this is quite normal with anyone buying perfume. This problem can become quite intricate when you shop online for perfume. Do not let this stop you from getting that fabulous Fragrances, since there are ways to experiment with various fragrances before buying the full bottle.

Online perfume testers available with online perfume shops can give you a pleasant experience similar to that one of a perfume. Here is why they are better:

  • Comes in a good quantity: Quantity of perfume testers is generally between 3-8 ml, which is quite enough, given that of a perfume bottle. You can use it at a stretch for about 4-10 days, which can vary from user to user. You can also invest in Perfume Selfie, which is a unique concept providing you seven international perfumes in tester vials with a carry case. You can insert the vial spray bottle in the carry case, and carry it around in your pocket, purse, car, keep in drawer and use throughout the day with an ease.
  • Affordable: The price of perfume testers is far less if compared to the full size bottle. At this price, you can easily try out the perfume for several days and find out if this is the one or not. Moreover, for people who cannot afford to pay for the expensive international perfumes, can order these perfume testers online and enjoy the similar experience in budget.
  • Try the perfume in real time: The best feature of the perfume tester is that you can try out the perfume in real time and real conditions, which is not possible while trying out perfumes on a strip in a clean fresh shop. How the perfume will react in the outside world when you are sweating or after a couple of hours while travelling in a subway or bus, this can only be experienced in the real time. Since the perfume has to give you fragrant freshness in the real world and not in an air-conditioned closed room with a nice room freshener, it can only be done using tester before buying the actual perfume.

On Perfumebooth, you can shop a wide number of perfumes in tester size vials and enjoy them before making the decision. Shop Perfume Selfie now.