Non-alcoholic Perfumes


Non alcoholic perfumes are slightly different than usual alcohol based perfumes. These perfumes are made with essential oils that that make them perfect for sensitive skin. In usual perfume, perfume oil is mixed with alcohol to make the fragrance strong and long retaining, but in non-alcohol perfumes offer a completely different effect. In fact there are some distinct advantages of using non alcoholic fragrances, take a quick review.

  • Non Alcoholic Perfumes offers consistent fragrance, as there is no alcohol, there is no risk of evaporation. As the result the fragranced effect remains same for a longer time. These perfumes may last up to 10 hours.
  • These perfumes are not known for very strong scents and they are not very costly
  • These are wonderful options for sensitive skin owners
  • Thos have skin infections and allergic to perfume mostly can use non alcoholic fragrances without any risk of skin irritation
  • These perfumes never make skin dry and often contribute in gentle skin care.
  • These perfumes are pure essential oils and that is why packed in small bottles, which are easy to carry mostly.
  • These non alcoholic fragrances offer longer shelf life although you need to store them with special care.
  • These perfumes are non inflammable, which is a great advantage.

Non alcoholic perfumes are also known as Attar or Ittar. Attar can be categorized in its summer type and winter type. Depending on the skin type one has to select these natural oil based perfumes. Although floral scents widely popular, woody, musk, amber, etc.

How to select no-alcohol perfumes for your use:

There are some easy to follow topics for selecting alcohol free fragrances for you.

  • Always buy from a reputable stores, regardless you will buy online or offline.
  • Check the ingredients before buying: a good store always recommended for these perfume oils.
  • Check the oil on your skin: these oil based products create different smelling effects for different people and that largely depends on the skin type and texture
  • Try a small quantity: overuse will spoil its subtle effect.
  • Use with cotton ball only: do not apply these non alcohol perfumes by hand. Or else take roller versions for smooth rubbing on your skin/clothes.
  • Do not forget to check its notes before placing your order. It will help you to guess thee fragrance.
  • If available, you may check the product review by its real life users.

How to use:
It is extremely important to use these oil based perfumes according to its use directives. Otherwise there is the risk of getting overpowered by the fragrance.

  • Apply the perfume on your pulse points
  • Behind the ear lobe, neckline, backside of the knee
  • Use summer perfumes for summer and winter perfumes for winter: these natural oil based perfumes have capacity to cool or heat your body.

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