Niche Perfumes


Niche perfumes are also more focused on preserving the original scent and do not use packaging and advertisements as their selling points. Niche perfumes are very strict in using higher concentrations of perfume extracts and more natural ingredients to create an awesome sensation and one of a kind experience each time the fragrance bottle is open.

Scent is an important part of an Individuals personality. It communicates more than your appearance or character because one can smell you without looking at or talking to you. Niche perfume brands only focus on making fragrances with high-quality ingredients and oils. The usage of unique ingredients makes their smell unique than designer perfume brands.

Niche perfumes are often more expensive than the designer fragrances because of the pure oils and natural ingredients and you can even find the weirdest fragrance in the niche fragrances like- Fragrances of sweat and Fragrances of popcorn, etc.

It’s one of the most delicate yet strong parts of the human sensory experience, as the scent can evoke certain memories and give off a certain vibe, desirable or otherwise. But before designer perfumes, there were pure perfumes, made by experts that specialize in conjuring scents outside of the world of designer fashion.

‘’Niche perfumes brands hit the tastes of masses with its uniqueness and wide options’’

Understand Your Personality- As we are moving forward with our new release we would like to guide you through some basics while choosing the right fragrance-

  • Take the perfume finder quiz to understand your style and taste.
  • Come back to our website
  • Go to the menu
  • Select the category according to your preferences
  • Shortlist a few scents
  • Then finally make your buy

Type of your skin and the signature perfume for you:-

Finding a signature scent is a must when considering your day-to-day routine. A fragrance is an accessory and should be something that complements your personality. It can act as your personal trademark, announcing your arrival and conjuring memories of you when you aren’t around.

Depending on your preference, there are a variety of perfumes you can choose from Perfume Booth. There are fragrances that smell musky, strong, earthy, and floral and baby-like. Still, others can smell sweet, spicy, fresh or woody. The combinations are diverse and abundant.

While we recommend that you sample the fragrances first and then see how they react with your individual body chemistry before choosing your signature fragrance.