New NB Perfumes


Are you a fan of trying out new fragrances? Do you love to explore new brands that aim to strive for the best in their own unique way? If yes, New NB is just for you!

A brand that was established with an aim to serve the modern fragrant needs, New NB has been able to make a mark in the industry in a very short span of time. Launched by one of the known names in the perfume industry, Baugsons, New NB strives to bring classic fragrances with a modern twist in elegant bottles so that you can enjoy them to the most. A wide number of popular perfumers have been working hard behind the vale at the brand creating fragrant marvels.

At New NB, every perfume has a twist in its fragrance. It is not your average floral or spicy fragrance, which can be easily categorised. All the scents available with the brand are created after years of analysis and research on different personalities, choices and grooming of the new generation. The scents are designed to give the new generation a new sense of belonging with its fine fragrances. You can buy perfumes for men as well as women both over here at Perfumebooth, India's leading online fragrance store.

If you are in love with invigorating sense-pleasing fragrances, the brand can give you an exquisite fragrance experience. All the perfumes available with the brand are suitable for day and night use, so you can be cool all day and hot all night. Don’t forget to spray it on right before leaving the house or getting ready for the party. New NB fragrances have a strong sillage with a Long Lasting Perfume. They can stay on for about 6 hours, keeping you fresh and energetic. Some of the variants available for men are Black Homme, Sports Homme, White pour Homme and Gold Homme. Variants available for women are Black Femme, Bleu Femme, Gold Femme and White Femme.

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