Natural Perfume


Keep your skin safe with natural perfumes:

People with sensitive skin often have to be a bit careful about putting anything on their skin. Creams, moisturisers, and even perfumes that contain harsh chemicals or alcohol can cause rashes on their skin with redness and itching. Instead of letting your skin suffer from all these hardships, give it something gentle and soothing such as a natural fragrance.

Natural perfumes by top-selling international brands are designed using only natural ingredients and aromatic oils. These perfumes are free from any unwanted chemicals, fillers or alcohol which are known for causing damage to the skin.

Gentle on the skin:

All the natural perfumes are very gentle on the skin. They contain natural ingredients derived from plant-based sources and natural oils also extracted through chemical-free methods. These perfumes are created for gentle sensitive skin so if you have one, you can easily use it without worrying about the damage. However, if you are allergic to nuts or any natural ingredient, it is advised to check the ingredients for avoiding any allergen. Rest, almost all the popular perfume brand creating natural perfume is dermatologically tested to avoid any allergen or such harsh chemical creating a perfect hypoallergenic perfume for you.

Moisturising and nourishing:

Since these perfumes contain natural ingredients and oils derived from flowers, fruits, seeds, woods and gums from the trees, they are very nourishing and moisturising. If you have dry skin or any such skin condition making your skin feel chapped and dry all the time, you can use these perfumes for all day of freshness. On dry skin perfumes tend to evaporate at a faster rate. Using oil-based natural perfumes can help in allowing your skin to absorb the perfume in a better way. It will also help in giving nourishment to your skin keeping it soft, supple and healthy. You can mix the perfume in a non-perfumed body lotion and apply all over the body to give nourishment with fragrance all around.

Everlasting fragrance:

Natural fragrances are generally oil-based so the fragrance can last for a very long time. The moisture from the oil will help your skin to absorb the perfume molecules sticking them to the skin. For people with dry skin, this is bliss, as perfume tends to evaporate at a very faster rate on their skin.

Give your skin unadulterated freshness and fragrance with these aromatic perfumes derived from nature. Buy them now on Perfume Booth from top-selling brands known around the world.