Nabeel Perfumes


Established by Asghar Adam Ali, also known as Al Attar, Nabeel perfumes reflects an epitome of fragrance making. Launched in the year 1969, Nabeel was first located in Yemen, which was later on moved to the current location in United Arab Emirates. Asghar Adam Ali is a perfume connoisseur, which reflects in the quality of perfume as well as packaging done by Nabeel perfumes. The brand has a motto, “Be Daring, Be First, Be Different” which one can feel while using the fragrances.

Serving the perfume industry for over 49 years, Asghar Adam Ali still strives for the best following the strict quality measures merged with sheer hard work creating new standards for the perfume industry. One can find oriental as well as French perfumes with the brand at a budget price on Perfumebooth.

The brand serves the need of perfume lovers with its fine range of Fragrances You can feel the magic of age-old experience while using these fragrances. Not just for women, but for men as well, Nabeel fragrances are available for every perfume lover. You can buy variants such as Jannet El Baqui and King of Rose along with other ones.

The owner makes sure that every perfumer working with anything over at Nabeel uses nothing but the best of ingredients. They source their ingredients such as fragrant woods, essential oils, flowers and chemicals from origin countries to ensure its high quality and originality. The perfumers research very carefully on fragrances suiting individual personalities creating unique scents with these ingredients. They make sure that the fragrance is long lasting as well as suitable to one’s olfactory senses.

The brand also excels in creating alcohol fragrances giving you an option of buying alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic perfumes. An average perfume contains perfume oil as 2-20% and rest is fillers which can be alcohol and water. Alcohol allows the perfume to evaporate quickly, making it easier to dissipate in the air and spreading its fragrance everywhere.

However, these perfumes can evaporate very fast due to heat of the body as well as the surrounding ambience lasting for not more than a couple of hours. But the Non Alcoholic Perfumes can last for more than that since it is just perfume oil mixed in water therefore it evaporates very slowly. You can buy Nabeel fragrances at a decent price over here at Perfumebooth, India's leading fragrance store. You can also purchase wide range of international deodorants, perfumes, body mists and body sprays from popular brands.