Maryaj Perfumes


Using perfume has become an everyday ritual. No matter what type of fragrance you wear, perfume oil, Eau de parfum, parfum de toilette, eau de toilette, cologne or deodorant spray, it should match your lifestyle as well as persona. If the scent is unable to complement your personality, it will not be able to boost your confidence or make you feel comfortable. With that uneasy fragrance, it starts reflecting on your personality. Therefore, it is essential to find something suitable, something that comes with an assurance of high quality just like Maryaj perfumes.

Maryaj perfumes were created by Ajmal perfumes with an idea to add a new twist to lifestyle fragrances. The brand believes in adding a new touch to the age-old perfection of perfume making giving them a new modern contemporary looks. Ajmal perfumes have over 50 years of experience in the field of perfumery, which can be seen in the way Maryaj perfumes are presented to the customers.

If you want fine quality perfumes, Maryaj has it for you suit your every mood and taste. The brand offers fragrances ranging from rugged masculine notes to pristine sweet ones depending on what you like to wear. Some of the Maryaj fragrances available for men are After Dark Homme Eau de parfum, Direction East Homme Eau de parfum, and My Status Homme Eau de parfum. Some of the fragrances available with the brand for women are Web Femme Eau de parfum, Atraccion Silver Femme Eau de parfum, and Viveca Femme Eau de parfum.

Perfumers and designers work alongside at Maryaj for creating some of the exquisite fragrant masterpieces of art. Each fragrance created over here has a certain background story. The perfumers try to depict it by carefully choosing the ingredients for creating that scent which is unique as well as pleasant. After perfumers are done with their work, the designers take inspiration from it and create some of the unique Perfume Bottle. Each bottle stands true to the name given to it.

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