Lovely Perfume


How to smell lovely for a date night?

Date nights are very special, especially the first ones. You want everything to be perfect leaving a lasting impression on your love interest. From selecting the perfect outfit to your hair and makeup, from choosing the finest footwear to how you are going to behave in front of that person, everything is kept into consideration. Along with all this, there is one more thing which can either make your overall personality or affect it in a bad way and that is a perfume.

A good fragrance is very crucial for any date night. You cannot imagine going to one without praying on a good perfume. However, it is normal to be confused about which perfume to choose or how to smell amazing for the date night, these tips will help you:

  • Go for sensuous yet striking perfume: To smell heavenly on the date and to make sure that the other person remembers you even when you are not there, the perfume should be sensuous yet striking. Oriental perfumes, floral perfumes and a blend of woody floral accords are ideal for the occasion. Make sure to wear anything too strong.
  • Don’t spray more: Some people think that spraying too much perfume is a great thing but it certainly it isn’t. Stick to two spray rule for date nights. Spray two sprays of perfume on your desired pulse points and let the perfume speak. Spraying too much perfume can make you seem like a wannabe trying too hard.
  • Apply on right pulse points: Always spray the perfume on the pulse points if you wish to get the best out of it. For dates, the best pulse points are the neckline, under the neck, behind the neck, on the wrist and ankle. Since you will be sitting close to your loved one, these pulse points will keep you highly fragrant.

You can buy lovely perfumes for date nights and such romantic moments online in India at Perfume Booth. There is a wide range of perfumes for men and women over here so you can choose it carefully. Go for gentle fragrances for morning dates or lunch dates, and strong perfumes for the evening and night dates. If you want to carry perfume, you can get a scent shot and carry the perfume in your pocket easily to be date ready always all the time.