Louis Cardin Perfumes


Getting a fragrance, which can last for a long time while staying strong all day is nothing less than a bliss for perfume lovers. They want to smell great but looking out for the perfume, which has all the qualities you seek, can be a time taking the task. If you wish to avoid all these hassles and confusion, it is best to invest in a popular international fragrance brand such as Louis Cardin, known for its quality and scents.

Louis Cardin is a popular international perfume brand serving the perfume needs of several customers across the world. Started with premium watch manufacturing, the brand ventured towards perfume making business with an aim to provide high-quality fragrances at a budget price to their customers. The brand strives to provide nothing but the best to their customers continuing their watch-making legacy through maintaining high quality standards in the perfume making business.

The brand provides over 30 variants of perfumes in over 25 countries across the globe serving individual fragrance needs of the scent lovers. Louis Cardin believes in creating such Eau de parfums, which suits your mind and stimulates your body while keeping it in your budget.

At Louis Cardin, you can perfume for men as well as women both. Some of the variants available for men at Louis Cardin are, Credible Homme Eau de parfum, Illusion Homme Eau de parfum, and Silver Homme Eau de parfum. Some of the variants available with the brand for women are, Compassion Femme Eau de parfum, Gold Femme Eau de parfum, and Subsense Femme Eau de parfum.

Every Perfumes available with the brand is created after years of research. The perfumers working with the brand explore all the available ingredients, handpicking each by travelling around the world to make sure the quality is not hampered in any way. They try to make sure that every fragrance is unique in every way yet have a strong sillage and lasts for at least 5-8 hours. Perfumes are created here with finesse by using high-quality ingredients, researching on scents that soothe your senses and mixing it with right base.

Not just the perfume gets the attention, but the bottles they are packed in also get special treatment over here. The designers work alongside the perfumers for creating fabulous looking bottles that can enhance the look of your dresser or desk. You can buy this brand as well as other top international fragrance brands at a budget price at Perfumebooth. Enjoy the exquisite world of scents at a budget price by joining the Perfumebooth privé membership.