Long Lasting Perfume for Men


Long lasting perfumes are always in hot demand and people always search for fragrances that will last for long. If you are searching your favorite perfume from Perfumebooth in long lasting perfume for men category, you are at right place. Only you need to understand a few points before you cherry-pick your favorite perfume from this perfume specialist shop.

4 points to check for buying a long lasting fragrance:
Regardless you love a specific brand, or you select a bold fragrance, the longevity and feel of the fragrance depends on four factors. These are:

  • Perfume quality: if it is an EDP, EDO, Cologne, or a body spray, etc.
  • Its scent: it depends on its top notes, middle notes, and final notes.
  • Its silage: it is measured on its spread around
  • Its retaining power: how long the fragrance can be felt around you.

So when you are buying a perfume you need to check all these 4 points to determine if you have chosen the right long lasting perfume for men.

How to apply perfume for long lastingness:
Now the long lastingness of your perfume largely depends on how you are applying the perfume on your body. Regardless you are using a male perfume or a female perfume; you need to follow a few guidelines for optimum after effect of the perfume.

  • Always use the perfume on your wet body, preferably after shower. Hydrated skin helps in holding the fragrance for longer
  • If you are using a body spray, use the fragrance on your body instead on your clothes
  • If you are using a EDP, you should use it on your clothes for long retaining effect
  • Apply perfume on your pulse points and in warmer places: perfume spreads its fragrance if they are applied in warmer and moist places
  • Apply perfume on washed attires and preferably on cotton made dresses.

How to store your perfume for improved effect:
If you love to enjoy long lasting perfumes for men, you need to store it with best care and precision so that the quality of the perfume retains at its best.

  • Always store the perfume in a dark place, away from sunlight
  • Do not store the perfume in bathroom: moisture damages the perfume quality
  • Do not expose your perfume against chilling temperature
  • Don’t shake the bottle before use
  • Do not remove the packet of the perfume bottle: retain it for the best effect
  • Always keep the lid of the bottle tight
  • Always prefer to buy perfume in small quantity; a good quality perfume may stay at its best condition for 5-8 years.

Perfumebooth always takes their best care and research for adding best men’s fragrance in its inventory, however, the feedback of the consumers also play a vital role in assessing the long retaining power of the smell of a perfume. Furthermore, perfume may react differently from one person to another skin type; long lastingness of a fragrance largely depends on this factor as well.

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