Long Lasting Perfume


How to make perfume lasting?

When you apply a high-end expensive perfume, we all expect it to last longer on our skin. If it evaporates in no time, we start questioning the authenticity of the perfume and wondering whether we ended up with a fake one or a poor quality one. Instead of letting all this confuse you a bit more, it is time to change the way you are using your fragrance. A perfume from top selling international brand contains higher perfume essence, giving you a lasting scent but if it is not used in the right manner, it can start depreciating.

To make the perfume last longer, it is long-lasting to apply it in the right way so that your long-lasting perfume can stay long-lasting.

  • Apply it on the pulse points: Some people are habitual of using a perfume just like a deodorant. They will spray it on wherever they want to, on the body and on the clothes. Instead of doing this, you need make sure to spray on the pulse points on the body. These pulse points are the hot zones present on your body where the temperature stays constant. Behind the ear, under the neck, behind the neck, on the chest, underarm, on the wrist, inside your elbow, behind your knee, on the ankle and the stomach are some of the pulse points. Choose any two while spraying perfume for long-lasting scent.
  • Spray it on the clean skin: Never apply the perfume on dirty skin. This prevents your skin from absorbing the scent thus reducing its life. If you want to enjoy a long-lasting fragrance you should clean your skin using soap and water or with help of a wet wipe. skin to absorb the scent in a better way as compared to a dirty one.
  • Moisturise well: A dry skin or a dehydrated skin is unable to hold the perfume for a long time. it will evaporate as soon as you apply it on the skin. long-lasting, you should apply a generous coat of moisturiser on the skin after taking bath, or cleaning and before spraying perfume on it.

Along with these, you should invest in a perfume with high fragrance essence concentration. These perfumes are able to stick to the skin in a better way and stay there for a long time evaporating at a slow rate. Buy them now on Perfume Booth, India's leading online fragrance store.