Lomani Perfumes


One of the popular fragrance brands is Lomani perfumes, a brand that established its reputation among masses with its high-quality products. Lomani perfumes are a brand created by Parfums Parour of Paris, a popular French perfume company offering a varied range of scents for men and women both.

It was started in 1986 and since then it is available across the globe in over 70 countries. It is truly an international brand serving the needs of millions of perfume users around the world. The brand has a motto, “Just Be a Star”. It reflects their passion for making exquisite fragrances that can give your olfactory senses an orgasm with just a single whiff.

Not just by the motto, the brand actually has a followership among stars, such as Amitabh Bachchan and Hedieh Tehrani, an Iranian actor. When the Indian film star and Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan found his signature scent with the brand, the brand became a hit among Indians overnight. Indian masses love to try out exquisite fragrances, but they only prefer to invest in something that can assure them of its quality and superiority. Lomani provided them with both with its wide range of fragrances.

All the perfumes created at the Lomani headquarters reflects the hard work of perfumers and designers. The perfumers go through various ingredients brought from around the world, try them, extract the essence and combine them for creating fine scents. In a single whiff, it can create a sense of pleasure, with the amazing sillage.

The designers take inspiration from the scent created for designing the bottle as well as packaging of the final product. When you hold the bottle in your hand, you can instantly feel the amazing power and quality of the fragrance. The brand takes special care in packaging the perfume carefully. It not only makes it look attractive but also makes it a perfect gift for anyone who loves a good scent.

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