Lomani Deodorant


Lomani is a world-renowned brand offering a wide range of fragrances for the modern perfume lover. The brand has been serving fragrant needs of various movie stars, including the Bollywood legend, Amitabh Bachchan who finds his signature scent over here at Lomani. The brand is known as the fragrance of the star and it reflects in their motto, “Just be a Star”. Smell like a star by adding Lomani fragrances to your lifestyle. After making a huge name in the field of perfume, the brand tried its hand in the field of deodorant.

Lomani offers deodorants for men and women both in a variation of fragrances. All the deodorants carry fragrances of their perfume counterparts, therefore giving you the scent of a perfume and the power of deodorant in a single product. Some of the Lomani deodorants available for men at Perfumebooth are Essential, Best, Cigar, Do It, El Paso, Lomani Pour Homme, Gold and Code. Some of the Lomani deodorants available for women at Perfumebooth are Si Fleuri and Solara.

All the deodorants come in a 200ml spray can making it possible for you to carry it around easily in your gym bag, travel bags, handbags and briefcase. You can also keep them in your desk drawers and car dashboards. You will not have to worry about them being damaged or broke while carrying it around like a perfume user fears about perfume bottle. The deodorant variants by the brand are small enough so that you can easily carry them around as well as use it whenever you wish to.

Since all the deodorant variants are inspired by Lomani’s fragrances available for men and women, the fragrance is assured. You will get the soothing scent that pleases your olfactory senses while keeping you fresh all day long with this fabulous range of body spray for men and women. With the amazing variation available, you can select the one that speaks about your personality through fragrance. Get these at an affordable price over here at Perfumebooth.

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