Ladies Fragrances


Perfumebooth stocks some of the best ladies fragrances for perfume lovers. These perfumes are available in different categories like perfume, deodorant, Eue De Toilette, Eue De cologne, and body spray, etc. at wide range of budget price. Most of the ladies scents are collected from different perfume manufacturing houses of repute and recognition from perfume critics of the world.

Different types of ladies perfumes are available in Perfumebooth inventory that often sold by the sore with attractive sales deals. Keep on visiting the site for tracking the best deals, or you may subscribe with your valid email ID for your newsletter.

  • Ladies fragrances are meant for using for specific time: or example floral and fruity scents are recommended for summer season and day time use. These are natural fragrances and mostly subtle in nature.
  • Spice, musk and woody scents are mostly recommended for party or marriage ceremonies or mostly for winter season. These are rich scents and stay longer with a seductive note.
  • Natural fragrances emancipate natural fragrances like fresh cut grass, aquatic smell, smell of green leaves, etc. These fragrances are clean varieties: ladies with sparkling clean nature and preference for closeness with nature often prefer to wear these smells.

How to store ladies perfumes for best smelling effects:
Perfumebooth always keeps stringent care about originality of the product sold under its flagship brand. The store sells fragrances from famous perfume manufacturers like Chris Adams, Lomani, Emper, Perfumer’s Chice, Maryaj, etc. hence the scents available from the store is always authentic. You need to store these ladies fragrances with best care and adhering to some guidelines.

  • Always keep the perfumes in dry and dark place
  • Never take away the packet of the perfume: keep it in the packet, it retains the smell
  • Do not keep your perfume in your bathroom: moisture and humidity spoils the fragrance quality
  • Do not expose the perfume bottle under high illumination
  • Do not expose your perfume to heat: heat is detrimental to a perfume in terms of its fragrance quality and longevity. However, perfumes should not be kept in chilled condition as well.

How to retain ladies fragrance on your skin
You should learn the tips for applying perfume on your body. The simple rules are:

  • Always apply quality ladies fragrances on your moist body, preferably after shower
  • Apply fragrances on the pulse points
  • Apply moisturizer on your pulse points before you apply perfume there
  • Keep a perfume dabbed cotton ball in your cleavage
  • Use perfumed body-shower gel and lip bum to boost the smelling effect of your perfume.

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How to buy ladies fragrance of your choice from Perfumebooth

  • You can read the descriptions and learn the notes of the perfume you have selected
  • Read users review and make your choice
  • Buy a perfume selfie containing ladies fragrances: try seven best quality perfumes at amazingly low price and select a bigger bottle of ladies perfume, which one you have liked most.

Perfumebooth keeps on extending its inventory by adding latest ladies fragrances from leading perfume producers. So keep on visiting the website for latest arrivals, hottest deals, and biggest gains on your purchase.