Jacqui and David Fragrance Deals


Getting your favourite scent at a discounted price is such a wonderful feeling. Some of the scent lovers wait for the season’s sale or last stock sales to get deals on their favourite product, but with Perfumebooth, you will not have to do so. Your wait is finally over if you are looking for high end body sprays and body mists for men and women at an affordable price.

One of the top international brands, Jacqui and David is here with its fabulous range of body sprays for men and body mist range for women at a never before price. Based out of USA, the brand is known for providing unique fragrances, which are contemporary suiting the lifestyle, and choices of the modern generation.

They are lightweight yet very striking in the fragrance, making a long lasting impact just as you want. The body spray range for men, JD Man is designed by keeping the lifestyle of the modern man in mind. The brand understand that the on the go man of today do not like to wait for anything and have the capability of bringing out the best in everything. Giving them a fragrance range, this matches their active lifestyle with a hint of class. You can buy a wide range of fragrances from JD Man available at a never before prices.

Jacqui and David are offering two brands of body mist – Jacqui’s Passion and Love Spray. Jacqui’s Passion has body mist variants for everyday use, which one can use right after taking bath or whenever they want to feel uplifted. Love Spray range contains body mist suitable for romantic date nights, and sensuous moments. Each body mist is made using essential oils and natural ingredients giving you a refreshing boost. You can apply directly on your skin, enjoy a subtle fragrance along with nourishment for your skin.

The Jacqui’s Passion and JD Man is available in two sizes so that you can try the smaller version before investing in the bigger one. If you like to try new fragrances every day, without spending too much, buy combo packs for Jacqui’s Passion and JD Man available at a never before price only on Perfumebooth. You can also get amazing deals and discounts on your favourite perfume, deodorant and body mist over here.