Jacqui and David Body Mist


Just a whiff of elegant scent can make you go wow no matter how your mood is. Keeping this in mind, USA’s top body mist brand, Jacqui and David is here with their fabulous body mist products. The brand believes in giving a scent, which will not only pamper one’s mind but body and soul as well with its fragrance. Perfumers associated with the brand conduct a thorough research in finding out the likes and dislikes of the new generation. They try to understand what the new age ladies like to apply, lifestyle choices, and scents which captivates their senses. Keeping this in mind, very single product is created with great care.

Body mists are becoming quite a hit among perfume lovers. They are elegant, subtle yet very fragrant lasting for several hours. What makes body mists, best are the benefits associated with them. Unlike perfumes and deodorants, body mists can be applied everywhere on the body, even your face. It is loaded with essential oils in a soothing base, which helps in moisturising and nourishing the skin. With the goodness of fruits and essential oils, it will keep you hydrated throughout the day making it perfect for the summer months.
Body mists are very delicate on the skin, getting absorbed in the pores easily providing the nourishment along with the fragrance. When you want a fragrance for those private moments, this is the best option for you. Jacqui and David provide two brands of body mists each having their own benefits.

Jacqui’s Passion body mists are more every day fragrances, which you can enjoy anytime. The brand offers more than 10 variants of body mists – Guava Delhi, Love Potion, Pomegranate, Pure Pear, Peach Papaya, Sugar Vanilla, Flower Power, Forever Musk, Sweet Blooms and Strawberries Cream. There are two sizes available for the brand – 50 ml and 200 ml. You can buy any of them according to your budget. If you wish to try multiple options together, you can invest in combo packs available with the brand in 50ml variants.

Another body mist brand is Love Spray, which is more romantic and sensuous in feel. Over here at Perfumebooth, you can buy Love Spray Romantic Spell, Secret Admirer and Sensual Secrets. Each variant comes in a clear curvy spray bottle of about 236ml quantity. You can carry it around and use them at your heart’s expense. You can buy both the Body Mist Spray for Women and Men at an affordable price online in India at Perfumebooth.