Imported Perfumes


Imported perfumes are highly adorable for perfume lovers because it is strongly believed that these foreign manufactured perfumes are best in quality and stylish in their notes and smelling effects. Perfumebooth is well aware of the perfume preference and brand consciousness of all its customers hence the shop has added some of the best brands for people after importing them from all corners of the world. The imported fragrances available at this online shop are always at par and till date the uniqueness of inventory has attracted critics’ applause.

Imported scents like French scents and UAE ittars are slightly different in their quality and contour, and in many instances the shelf-life of these imported fragrances are longer than usual varieties. In Perfumebooth’s, perfume inventory, you will get to find wide varieties of imported fragrances that are known for their quality, unique smell, and longevity of silage. Some of the brands that deserve mention are Chris Adams, Otoori, Maryaj, Lomani, etc.
Imported perfumes are found in three categories: for men, for females, and unisex. If you are looking for perfumes for men, you best bait is to search by category. Searching by note can be a bit unpredictable as a perfume may smell differently depending on the skin type. However, all imported perfumes may not be as good as it is thought to be, so it is always wise to check users’ review before buying a perfume unless you have sniffed it before.

How to store and use an imported perfume:

Storing the fragrance is a big criterion for maintaining its quality. It is always good to adhere to few rules narrated here:

  • Always store perfume in a cool and dark place
  • Exposure to sunlight is a strict no for perfumes
  • String the perfume in refrigerator is not a good idea
  • You should not shake the bottle of perfume
  • Do not apply on dry skin
  • Do not store the bottle in bathroom
  • Prefer to keep the bottle in the packet with which you have bought it
  • Check the perfume variants like if it is an EDP, Body Spray, or EDT and accordingly expect the strength of the perfume after application.

Using imported perfume is the smart way to display your lofty taste provided you are using something unique. These perfumes are generally costlier basically for the import duty added to its price. Therefore it is always good to buy these sophisticated products from a reliable place where price and quality are always consistent. Perfumebooth is a quality conscious perfume store that takes good care of product quality, customer satisfaction, and online reputation management.

Perfumebooth always keeps on extending its inventory and that is why you can get to enjoy different perfumes with different discount slabs. This is applicable for all its imported perfumes. The Online Perfume Store offers always latest products and realistic price with allied benefits like promo coupons, cash vouchers, free samples, as well as payback points for facilitating next perfume purchase from the store. If you love to use imported perfume, Perfumebooth is a great shopping place for you with safe payment gateway and strict quality assurance.

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