Girls Perfumes Selfie


Gentle is gorgeous, the floral fruity notes makes a girl even more romantic and beautiful. Perfumes are like a bouquet’s of little gifts. Girls perfumes are seduction in each spray delivered. International girls perfume now a basic necessity more than a luxury. You can smell the sugar syrup in the range of seven girl’s perfumes in a perfume store named PerfumeBooth. The fragrance industry is blooming because fragrance really matters.
Within one box you will get seven different fragrances which are internationally approved. Lurve, Sophistique, and Teaze are the three popular girls’ Selfie boxes you will get from PerfumeBooth at amazing discounts and offers. Here are the three Selfie variants-

  • Sophistique woman Selfie case has a collection of Urban Woman, Lomani White, Creation Jasmine, beyond beauty, Larc Premio, Compassion and Dreamz Woman.
  • Lurve perfume Selfie is a perfume for your special moments. Chifon, Lady Presidente, Lomani Sensual, Creation Pour Femme, Viveca, Gold, and True Reflections are the popular flavors inside the pack of seven.
  • The Teaze box is a wholesome surprise of fragrance like Fasio, CA Classic Woman, Active Woman, Creation Orchid, Creation Gold, Web and Subsense.

A collection of international elegance, English sophistication and delicate desires in a bottle of powerful perfume is another name of perfume booth. All the perfumes comes with brands of endless names like Emper, Lomani, Chris Adams, Maryaj, Louis Cardin and many more. It is highly motivated with floral fruity flavors that that comes in a fun fragrance box named Perfume Selfie.