Famous Perfume Brands Name


Perfume brands play a vital role in the popularity of a perfume shop and that exactly happens with Perfumebooth. This online shop maintains a colossal inventory of perfumes of different types: in fact almost all brands of perfumes are available or purchase from this shop.

The shop has added plenty of perfumes and related products in its stock and most of them are from reputed perfume manufacturing houses. Although all names cannot be listed here, some of the most notable famous perfume brands name are mentioned here for your ready reference.

Chris Adams
Chris Adams is a globally famous name for producing quality perfume in three categories. These are men, women and of Unisex categories. Simple notes, long lasting fragrances, and all round the season wear are the basic qualities of these perfumes. Wide varieties of Chris Adams perfumes are available from Perfumebooth: some of them are often under exciting promo schemes, which will offer you good perfumes are amazing budget price.

Emper: Emper is a considerably new fragrance brand that has created a special niche in market. It was introduced in the year 2012 and it has released its latest production in the year 2014. The company has almost 45 signature quality perfumes in its inventory. Perfumebooth maintains an interesting inventory of Emper branded perfumes.

Louis Cardin : Louis is a designer brand known for its designer style accessories; quality perfume is one of them. The designer brand has introduced their designer perfume since last 3 years in market and they are widely appreciated by perfume lovers. Quality fragrances at affordable price are the best USP of this designer brand.

Baug Sons : Baug Sons is a UAE based perfume manufacturing unit that has become world famous for its exquisite quality of perfumes, which are meant for men, women, and sporty variety. Recently the company has launched their unisex variety of perfume which both men and women can use.

Lomani : Lomani is a designer perfume manufacturer, based at France. The brand is known worldwide for its signature quality perfumes, which are divided in men, women, and unisex categories. The brand came into market in the year 1987 and till date it is a big hit with more than 49 signature perfumes. Perfumebooth maintains extensive stock for Lomani perfumes of all three categories and they are in good demand in market.

New NB : New NB Perfumes are one of the most wanted perfume brands in market. NB perfume gift packs are quite famous for their quality, look, and versatility of use. Light but long retaining, bold but delicate in its notes, and usable for all seasons are the main benefits of these perfumes. NB perfumes are newer in market but they have already attracted consumers’ applause for their adorable quality and affordable price range.

Otoori : Otoori is an UAE based designer perfume manufacture known for its rich opulence in fragrance. The brand has at least 45 signature perfumes in its list. Perfumebooth maintains a long list of Otoori perfume sin its stick and these perfumes are enjoying popularity in consumer market.

Maryaj : In 1950’s Maryaj perfumes were introduced in market in the brand name of Ajmal Perfumes. Presently, the manufacturing unit of Maryaj perfume is based at Dubai and enjoying global popularity. High quality but affordably priced perfumes are the uniqueness of this brand. The brand offers perfumes for men as well as perfumes for women, which offers long lasting unique fragrances.

Colour Me : Colour Me is one of the most popular perfume houses of UK with a legacy of 40 years in Global market. The perfume house manufactures perfume gift packs, deodorant, body mist along with best quality perfumes both for men and women respectively.

Perfumers’ Choice : Perfumer’s Choice is one of the elite perfume brands from UK, known for its exquisite quality fragrances. The perfume house has produced so far perfumes for men, women and in unisex categories. Perfumebooth is one of the most authentic places where luxurious original quality Perfumer’s Choice fragrances are available at discounted rate.

These are some of the brands of perfumes readily available from Perfumebooth. However, the online perfume store keeps some more brands of perfumes, which you can try. Simply browse the site and place your order.
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