Expensive Perfume


A good fragrance can turn your boring day into a fun and fabulous one. There are tons of brands selling high-end fragrances online and offline all over the world. With so many options, we often end up being confused or getting a perfume which smelled amazing in the store but now it does not. Apart from this, there is the problem of getting a branded international perfume at a very high price. When you have a limited budget, spending a huge sum of money on just the fragrance is not an effective thing to do. Eyeing the problem of masses, Perfume Booth planned to bring in the high-end luxury perfumes for men and women at a budget-friendly price online in India.

  • Expensive perfumes at low cost: On this fabulous online perfume store you can get high-end international perfumes at a discounted price. All the perfumes are luxury and high end coming from popular international brands marked at price as low as 70% off.
  • 100% original fragrances: To make sure that you get the ultimate fragrance experience, this online perfume store makes sure to get perfumes directly from the fragrance brands and nowhere else. Since they are directly obtained from the brands with no middleman, it helps in keeping the cost of the perfume low as well.
  • Try them before buying: One of the best features of this online perfume store is that you can try out the perfumes before buying them. Often buying perfumes online is an issue for most of the people since they can’t smell the fragrance at all while buying. Seeing this, the brand started providing Scent Shot, a perfume tester ack with 7 international perfumes which you can try out before buying.

Why spend money on high-end perfumes when you can always get them at a budget-friendly price over here at Perfume Booth. This India's favourite fragrance store is known for its high-end perfumes for men and women. Not just perfumes, but you can also try out deodorants and body mists from international brands as well.

All the perfumes are tested for their authenticity and quality through several quality checks before they are shipped to you. For customers with different budgets, there is a wide range of perfumes available in various sizes starting from tester shots to 100ml bottles. Choose what fits your budget and senses best to smell like a million buck for all day long.