English Blazer Deodorant


Oozing the charm of English man and the old school rustic charm of the streets of England, English Blazer is everything a man can ask for. The brand as created by a popular perfumer house inspired by the streets of London during 1951. It is all about timeless style and sophistication, which is reflected in the fragrances created by the brand. Perfumers over here at the brand believe in creating fragrant marvels giving the modern man something delightful for his hunger for excellence.

All the fragrances available with the brand are suitable for the style and senses of a modern man giving him something look forward to. With a touch of classic style, these modern-day fragrances are apt for your everyday grooming, giving you something exceptional just like your style. With its wide range of fragrance suiting every style, one can easily find their favourite perfect scent with the brand. After successfully making a huge name in the world of perfumes, English Blazer entered the field of deodorants.

Deodorants are quite an essential part of everyday grooming for men these days. They prefer to carry a can of deodorant in their bags instead of perfume bottles. Fragrance bottles are mostly made of glass, which keeps them at a risk of breaking. One cannot carry it in their gym bag or in the car dashboard since they tend to get hot posing a threat to the well being of that bottle. Deodorant cans can be easily carried around without worrying about the fragrance or breaking it. Even while travelling one can easily manage to carry the deodorant, can instead of the perfume bottle.

With such an ease and comfort, English blazer has all the qualities to become a part of your everyday style. Some of the variants available with the brand for men are Black and Gold, which are the deodorant counterpart of their perfume range. These deodorants come in a can of 150ml, which is small enough to fit into your palm. You can easily carry the bottle in your briefcase, messenger bag, or keep it in your car dashboard or the office desk drawer. The design of these deodorant cans by the men’s brand is to make it easy for you to use single-handed.

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