Emper Deodorant


After making, a huge name in the world of perfumes Emper deodorants ventured in the field of deodorant. The brand offers deodorant for men and women both, serving their fragrant needs. Some of the variants available with Emper deodorant for men are Urban Man pour Homme and 110 degrees for men. Some of the variants available with Emper deodorant for women are Legacy pour femme and Fasio pour femme.

Emper Urban Man deodorant is inspired by its perfume counterpart, makes it a perfect fragrance for a strong headed and confident man. Citrusy notes with a tinge of spicy ones, having earthy notes in the middle and strong warm leather notes at the base is a true epitome of masculine fragrance. Its perfume counterpart also inspires 110 degrees for men. The citrusy top notes with spicy minty heart notes and earthy moss at the base are perfect for summer months.

Fasio has a similar fragrance to its perfume counterpart. The pleasant sweet fragrance of flowers mixed with citrus notes and woody notes will make you feel like you are taking a walk through Valley of Flowers. Legacy pour femme is another marvel deodorant by Emper having a similar fragrance to its perfume counterpart. With its delicate floral fruity fragrance, it will make your senses go on a tropical holiday.

All the deodorants available with the brand come in a 200ml spray can, which is small enough to fit into your day-to-day, grooming regime perfectly. You can carry it around easily in your handbag, briefcase or car dashboard. You can also keep it in your desk drawer of office for a quick replenish whenever you feel like.

Emper deodorants are quite long lasting, giving you an all-day freshness in just a few spritzes. You can also enhance the longevity of the fragrance given by these highly perfumed body sprays. Spray it right after taking bath when your skin is clean and fresh. Clean skin with open pores can absorb the perfume molecules much easier and faster releasing them slowly throughout the day enhancing the longevity of the fragrance.

You should also be careful while story the deodorant as well. Most of you will be habitual of storing the deodorant in bathrooms. You have to stop doing so for the bathroom is a warm and wet place which is unsuitable for keeping any fragrant products. Buy them now with other popular perfumes and International Brands Deodorant over here at Perfumebooth.