EDT Perfume


Perfumebooth offers wide range of EDT, which is the short form of Eue De Toilette. These EDT perfumes are produced by famous brands across the world. However, before you place your order for you most favorite EDT, you should know about what EDT is and how it differs from Perfume and EDP.

What is EDT?

In EDT, perfume concentration is the lowest in comparison to Perfume and EDP (Eue De Perfum). It is approximately stays between 4% and 8 %( typical ~10%). As a result the fragrance stays 2-4 hours, and price wise it is cheaper than pure perfume or EDP variants of a perfume. Initially EDT variety was used as scented toilette water for washing face and body, and was used only by rich people to maintain their all day fragranced presence. So before buying an EDT, you should take it in mind that the fragrance of EDT mostly stays for short duration. For best effect, you should use EDP and sprinkle EDT perfumes as the final touch of your fragrance application.

How to get the scent of the EDT: The notes:

Notes of an EDT come in three consecutive layers. The first note is immediately felt and it stays for 30 minutes. The middle note becomes preeminent after the first note gets faded, and stays for next 45 minutes. Finally the base note stays for the maximum time up to 2 hours after application. However, the fragrance intensity of EDP perfumes is mild, and be it floral or woody, or mask, it is exactly suitable for summer season. Other than EDP perfumes, these fragranced products are also used in splash and after shaves for their mild scent, which are mostly recommended for daily use and workplace.

How to use an EDT for best effect:

Every EDT is made of water and alcohol other than perfume concentrate. So once you apply these perfumed products water and alcohol get evaporated and the perfume oil remains left. More water and alcohol concentration is higher; the smell of that EDT gets quickly evaporated. Therefore for long lasting fragrance, it is always good to check the ingredients and its percentage.

  • According to perfume experts, it is always recommended to use the EDT on skin, so that the smell gets absorbed in your skin.
  • You can use similar fragranced body wash to retain the EDT smell longer.
  • Use washed clothes to get long silage
  • Carry thee EDT with you so that you can retouch the smell.

Most suitable EDT Perfumes depending on skin type:

EDT Perfumes blend easily with our body odors. This is why the resulting fragrance of an EDP depends largely on our skin PH value, skin type, hormones as well. Therefore before buying an EDP it is always good to know your skin type and select the fragrance for best effect.

  • Oily skin: All most all perfumes are suitable for these people. However, the best baits are citrus, lemon, zesty orange, etc.
  • Dry skin: almost all winter perfumes with woody scents are best suitable for you.
  • Sensitive skin: mostly natural smells long with alcohol free products are most suitable for these people to stay away from dryness and for avoidance of skin irritation.

Fragrance families and suitability for men and women:

Depending on the smells or the basic ingredients, EDT perfumes are divided into main four categories - Floral, fresh, oriental, and woody. Each one has unique aroma and appeal. Below, find the list, which explains the difference of fragrances in a format.

  • Floral: Rose, gardenia, jasmine, lily and these are especially fit for the use of Women
  • Fresh: Think of sea, smell of citrus, grass, and these fragrances are suitable for both men and women
  • Oriental: sandalwood and patchouli, resin, spices, and these fragrances are the most suitable for both men and women
  • Woody: Amber, moss, pine, cedar, vetiver as well as the smell of fresh gardens, and these are specifically most suitable for Women.

Buy EDT perfumes according to season:

As we tend to change our clothes for summer and winter, you can change your EDT perfumes according to season. Take a look at the recommended uses:

  • Summer: fresh fragrances are mostly recommended. You may select from ocean breeze, aqua, water, mint flavors
  • Winter: Woody scents are the most suitable options
  • Rainy: Oriental scents, sandalwood, cinnamon and litter spice, etc. are best options for use.

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